Thursday, November 5, 2009

Asian Porn Round 2?

Just as I thinking, "is it me or is the industry just super duper slow", The Stranger that is my agent came a ringing. LOUD. Like, obnoxiously loud because I forgot I had set my general ringer to Flo Rida's "Don't Know How to Act" and my boss, coworker and I were conversing about something seemingly important when I ran out mid-convo to find any excuse to ditch out of the convo silence my phone.

And for some reason, she always calls from a blocked number and before I signed up with her I hated picking up blocked numbers but now I almost bask in the delight of getting an unknown number.

"Hey Kiddo, got an audition for ya..." came the sooth voice. Part of me is addicted to hearing her say that, only because I rarely ever get auditions, being part of such an ethnic minority. Mark my words, Asian people will rule the world one day -- we already dominate most of the import industry and most halfers out there are always caucasian mixed with some kind of Asian.

"Awesome, gimme the deets," I urged, eyes squinted shut, fingers crossed, hoping that it wasn't going to be another Asian porn fiasco I'd have to explain to Daddy.

"It's for the role of TV GIRL in a big FOX feature film!" The Stranger then listed off a bunch of big actor names (sadly, I can't name names just yet but maybe in my next post I will...but a big give actor from a very big hit TV show in the early 90s is the lead dude...and he gets mocked quite often in the media nowadays) and gave me the time and date to show up.

"So um...what am I supposed to bring or wear? Like what will I be doing, exactly?"

She always manages to skip over the important details for some reason.

"Oh yes, they've asked for an Asian girl in their mid-20s...hmm let me see here...oh yes, pole dancing and dressed in lingerie -- you have that stuff right?"

Uh, pole dancing or lingerie, I politely inquired. This was turning out to be fickle to explain to Daddy later on.

"Well both. I figured you have a dance background and all and who doesn't have lingerie, right?" The Stranger chortled.

"It's your lucky day...I have both," I responded dryly. I had my last pole dancing class a few days ago. Level 2 done, boo yeah. But still....

"Don't worry there's no nudity," She said, sensing my lack of enthusiasm. Three weeks with no calls or anything and dressing up in lingerie is the best she can do. Or I can do. Then again, there's nobody to blame -- that's the nature of the industry. You are judged based on your 8x10 glossy and a few words on the resume. Sigh.

So I'm booked for an audition on Friday. And that gives me less than two days to prep. And I'm PMSsing which means I've got the same capacity for water retention as a really dry sponge. And I had five slices of pizza and some Halloween candy.

And I will go all out on Friday for this! HAHA.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh good luck! I hope it's not too risky and that Daddy will approve.


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