Saturday, August 15, 2009

So many updates, so little time...and damn you Twitterberry

K, it's been eight days since my last post...absolutely unacceptable! I feel like one of those douchebag guys who says they'll call and leave you hanging until you're just about to write them off and then, suddenly you get a phone call out of nowhere with a bazillion sugar-coated apologies.

Pfff. So sorry! But do forgive me.. it's been a hectic week. Have been up early every day since I got the call, popping energy pills and doing early morning cardio on an empty stomach. I don't think I've lost any poundage, but maybe it's psychological. I feel different. That and I've been downing schwackloads of blueberries and fibrous things you people call, vegetables. case y'all are wondering, I did accept the role. AND the fabulous news is, the script was rewritten twice and now there are no unwholesome scenes, just sexy Asian nurses being suggestively sexual and my lines are clean!

I went in for my costume fitting and was pleasantly surprised to see that my nurse's costume is a tight white polo-style dress in a kids size large. And it's being pinned to my form. And my ass is nowhere near what an Asian booty is supposed to be (flat)'s actually more of a ghetto booty, so they decided not to shorten the back. Amen to donkey kick-backs.

To celebrate, this whole week I've been indulging in retail therapy. Actually, its not a celebratory act, it's just something that I've been compulsively doing since I won an authentic vintage LV bag on Ebay. It's the snowball effect. And it doesn't help when your bestie is in town and wants to hit the malls.

"Here, I printed extra coupons," Kat handed me two coupons, both entitled the user to 15% off the entire purchase...better than any stupid store discount card they make you buy for 20$. Kat recently flew in from Florida where she's been living and working for the past year for a very big exclusive sports entertainment company. She works six days a week doing a ton of live sports enertainment stuff on TV and to this day, I still have no idea how she does it - its one of the most physically demanding jobs I know of.

But the beautiful thing about Kat is that 1) she's Asian 2) she loves a good deal 3) I just realized 1 and 2 go hand in hand 4) she likes to use coupons just as much as I do.

So we shopped, chatted, shopped some more and used our coupons. And tweeted. Well, actually she tweeted while I pouted since my Twitterberry has somehow gone MIA.

"I feel bad tweeting about going shopping right now while there's a show going on live tonight at home,"

"Why? You're actually on a bit of a work vacation...why would you feel guilty!?"

"I fans keep tweeting me, asking me why I'm not there!"

Yes, Kat now has over 2500 followers and I must admit, I'm quite proud considering I was the one who insisted she get her tweet on and set up her account and everything for her. If I had 2500 followers, I could be famous!

"Actually, it's kind of weird to have so many followers....people recognize you...and it gets...weird," Kat reassured me.

"Weird why? What could be more weird than someone stealing all your photos from your Mother's Day card?", I asked. In May, Kat had sent her mom a nice card with photos of herself from work and life in FL. Five days later, the envelope arrived inside a plastic bag, sans card or photos. Now that's creepy.

"Oh well the security agents at the airport...they know who I am and they're really big fans of my work....I just feel reaaaaally weird around them..they always always get me to take my shoes off...I absoutely hate it 'cuz they stare and make me feel gross afterwards."

Agreed. Foot fetishes scare me. Feet are the ugliest things on the human body. The worst thing is, IMO, there is no universal shape or 'look' to feet. I think that's what really makes them so ugly. That and they're associated with stink. And the ground. And I remember this one time Daddy made me cut his toenails...two months into our relationship.

Anyhoo, today is Friday and yesterday I got a brazillian wax. Which means today is rightfully Fuck Me Friday. At long last. Daddy saw my pooty last night and promised we'd celebrate her nakedness tonight. At least twice. Before he conked out on his pillow whilst I straddled him, trying to be all cute.

Knowing my luck, it probably won't happen considering I need to be up early for my calltime tomorrow! LOL.

Wish me luck!


  1. Luck with getting up in time for calltime, or luck with the pooty? ;)

  2. You're so funny. And yay for updates! Glad the script is more...suitable for you, haha.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Agreed...feet are NASTY!!!

    Hope you got lucky on Friday


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