Thursday, August 6, 2009

Got the part! and now hell starts....

So my agent called the other day...

"Congrats kiddo, you got the part...."

"Really?" I asked, shocked and feeling a little deflated at the same time.

"Yup...I'll send you more info later, but the director will be giving you a shout sometime this week with more details."

I hung up the phone, a feeling of excitement and sketchiness washing over me all at once.

Why sketchy? Well, mainly because my agent sends me out for stuff and never really knows all the details or maybe just keeps all the details from me. You know, details like, "partial nudity" or "implied sexual acts"... those little things.

After my auditions last week, I managed to get a hold of the entire script. I read through it. It's a comedy piece. Then I got to the part where the nurse moans and climaxes with the doctor behind closed doors, off camera. Whathef&%$ is this? Porn?, I thought to myself. Then I get to the end of the script where the camera fades out on an implied sex scene with the doctor and the nurse.

Then I blabbed to Daddy about it. Bad move. It was an eerily silent car ride home from the grocery store, one in which the windows were rolled up and Daddy had his Ray Bans on, lips tightly sealed in a horizontal line, nostrils flared.

I felt like B-dawg, ears back, eyes wide open in fear like I had done something reaaaaallly bad like eaten my own poop and enjoyed it just a tad too much.

"You're not doing this. I hope you don't get it."

"But, I haven't even gotten a call back or anything, silly! It's no biggie."

And then my agent called. And an hour later I get a call from the director.

"Could you please clarify exactly which part this is? My agent tells me its the lead role but I got an email from the casting director saying its a smaller, supporting role, like a few lines and nothing sexual kinda thing," I told Mr. Director.

"Oh really!? Wow, yeah no, don't worry about that," he replied, sensing the discomfort in my voice, "you got casted in a smaller role, a couple of lines but a ton of face time, liek 90% of the time you'll be on camera."

I breathed in a sigh of relief and we chitchatted film schedules and wardrobe before hanging up.

So while I didn't get the part, I did get a least it'll help with the demo reel. And no, to answer Daddy's persistent question of "Do you actually want to be an actor?! Why are you even doing this stuff?!"... NO I do not want to be an actor!

I have a list of "Things to Do" one of those life lists and one of the items included is "snag a role in a feature film"... nothing too specific, lead, supporting, etc.

That being said, in November I fluked out and got a really tiny supoorting role alongside a legendary actress in a big feature film coming out this Thanksgiving but that was before I made my list, so that doesn't quite count. my title implies...hell starts. Hell technically started two days ago when I realized that I need to embark on an early morning cardio+low carb adventure until filming exactly 10 days. And it just so happens my stupid alarm has failed me each and every morning so my internal alarm clock (which is also faulty, and by that I mean it's 42 minutes behind the actual alarm) does a half decent job and forcing me to roll out of bed, pop an energy pill, roll into the gym and onto an eliptical where I slave away for 30-40 minutes blasting my ears with Marilyn Manson and Metallica and of course, the morning news.

And this morning was bad. Bad because Daddy denied my cries for sexytime so I fell asleep all angryhorny. And I had a sexydream. About my cute nerdy-looking co-worker. And that's all I'll say as MissRosa is probably getting the creepers right now reading this! AHAHAH.

That being said, it wasn't half as bad as one would with a nerdy type can actually turn out to be pretty fun, non? You can be the domineering type, the teacher, if you will, and if all goes well, you'll have a pretty well-trained sex minion by the end of it.

Or maybe that's just me.


  1. OMG OMG OMG. A Sexydream? Is it about ... Corneroffice? AAAHHHHHHHH!

  2. I am trainable! I think? Maybe not? Oh well, I guess the sex minion is out! I can cook a mean Lasagna though! HAHA!

  3. Congrats on getting the part!!!!

    Soooooo, which feature film did you star in??? Or are you sworn to secrecy??

  4. @Miss Rosa... YES..corneroffice...I am ashamed to admit...needless to say i was extremely sexually deprived in order for this to happen in my dreams LOL

    @otin...lasanga will do! the sake of this blog, I'm sworn to secrecy! But I'm sure as the release date draws nearer, it'll be pretty obvious. :)

  5. sex minion....LOL! I love the concept of a sex minion.

    And congrats on the part.

  6. well congrats on getting casted for a part. Have you decided if you will actually go through with it after finding out how your boo feels? =) Sexydream huh? lols...hehehehe....

  7. Hello, absolutely loving your blog and wanted to leave a comment to say so.

    Your pics are brilliant and I love your writing - I'm learning so much already !

    I will be back, thanks so much for sharing - very generous !!!

  8. Ooh, well done! I think? You don't sound all that happy about it...

    You'll have to tell me what film to look out for at Thanksgiving (well, we don't have that here, but I can still try to find a copy!)


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