Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gold diggers suck and I still got it, so there

Don't you hate it when someone's in hot pursuit of your fine self and then suddenly you realize, okay wait a sec....this can't actually be happening 'cuz I'm in a committed relationship which means I have a boyfriend that I've been with for X number of years and the idea of reciprocating the pursuit in question is, or rather should be, entirely out of the question?!

*sigh* Yeah, at least you know you've still got it, right? And that's ultimately what really matters, right?

Fellow blogger, LiLu got it right when she posted about it. Definitely worth a read or bookmark.

So you're all probably wondering, WHO, praytell, is this person..this, wild coyote to your Roadrunner, the Pepe Le Pew of your Penelope Pussy (cat, of course!), you ask?

Several, according to Daddy (who is, by the way, probably reading this). I suppose this could be a series type of post...we'll call this one...

Pursuer Numero Uno: Mister Big Rich Billionaire (Mr. BRB) from the Praries

I met this guy on the basis of a 'working lunch'type of thing. I'm into learning about business and I figured meeting with successful types is the best way to learn. Of course, I cannot reveal names but let's just say he's on a very popular TV show and is considered to be quite a prominent figure in the category of 'rich people who use their pocket change to buy sports teams, donate loads of cash to those in need and drive really expensive cars and live in big mansions'.

And of course, all this must be taken with a grain of salt because one person perceives things much differently from another person but when 30 minutes into your lunch meeting, a guy throws out phrases like "you are alarmingly stunning" and "you're beautiful, don't down play that", you can't help but feel a bit like Penelope Pussy Cat...awkward, trying to find a way out of the awkwardness amidst your wide-eyed disbelief.

Then I told a few of my friends (of the lunch date, no real emphasis on his catch phrases during the lunch). Their reactions below:

"OMG, are you serious? THE Mr.BRB from that show!? Ok, you can't burn this bridge, it's a good connection. A realllllly good connection," LT exclaimed. She's a good girl, but when it comes to money let's just say....she'd consider the possibilities.

"Cool, so did you get anything out of it or did he try to sleep with you from the get go?" DD asked dryly. Another good girl, career-driven, business minded and has had her fair share of douchebags.

"Wow, okay so you absoutely have to f&$% him now. It's clear he totally wants you. In fact, he'll probably fly you to wherever, buy you whatever and f*&^ you whenever!" KK reassured me. She's an interesting girl, to say the least and I don't exactly take any of her advice, let alone with a grain of salt. But entertaining, nonetheless.

"It's funny timing isn'it," Kat mentioned the other day, while we chatted about the big box of sex toys that arrived for me in the office, anonymously.

"What is? The big purple torpedo I paid $30 for but am still too freaked out to shove inside me?"

"No, the whole Mr.BRB thing and the fact that you're constantly horny but don't have enough sex. It's the perfect situation for someone to stray, wouldn't you say?"

Kat has seen her share of affairs after working in nightclubs and dating an absolute moron for a few years. If anything, she'd be the expert on all this.

"Yeah, I guess it is." I admitted. I've seen it happen too many times to my friends as well. And KK has told me loads of stories about herself sleeping with married men while being with her boyfriend for seven years. The world is a scary place, non?

That being said, I'm a different breed. I'm not a golddigger or have any need to leave Daddy for riches. I merely enjoy the entertianment value out of all of this. Besides, if this stuff never happend, what the hell would I blog about?

Stay tuned for part 2 in the series!


  1. I mean, it's a major ego boost. And what's wrong with that? Nada.

    Ugh, I'm now dying to know who this guy is! If he's from True Blood, I'd DIE. DIE!

  2. Sex is great until you have to involve a second person! LMAO!

  3. Definitely a great ego boost...but be careful this doesn't make waves in your relationship (sounds to me though that Daddy isn't really the jealous type) boyfriend can't stand it when guys stare at happened last week in the grocery store and I swear there was almost a UFC fight because of it.

  4. Oh come on... you know I would never seriously consider the possibilities, even with the money!! Ha, if $$ meant that much, you know I wouldn't be with who I am now (especially after what he did) :P All I did say was, if you can keep Mr. BRB as a connection, you should... but nothing should ever be more important than your relationship... *sigh*


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