Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lost and hopefully found soon!?

Alright, I've been a delinquent blogger, I know. It feels like ages since I last posted, but bear in mind, the purpose of this blog is for cathartic sexual frustration a lack of posts can only mean one of two things:

1) I have been having a ton of sex and have no sexual frustration to release on this blog


2) I haven't been feeling like my usual horny self

In my case, it's #2. For whatever reason, I'm just not craving any penile penetration--which begs the question...should I be worried?

"No, it's totally normal. Actually, it was totally not normal that you were really really horny 24/7/365," Daddy reassured me one night, when I, in a panic about my lost libido jumped on top of him to try and make myself all rowdy, squashing his manhood with my high and dry receiver "hopefully now, I can get some decent shut eye!"

Fantasies of having my very own Rabbit or, gasp, Condor began to evade my once perverted mind, only to be replaced by fears and anxiety over the return (if at all?!) of my beloved libido.

Will it ever come back!?

What to do!? Help!


  1. i feel your pain. Mines gone too and I'm trying desperately to get it back...even my rabbit doesn't interest me anymore and is gathering dust in my 'sex draw'. I boigth this the other day...apparently its supposed to be great at getting libidos back. I'm yet to use it with my OH but maybe give it a try

  2. OF course it will come back. It's the natural cycle of things ... give it a day.

  3. look at my blog and look at the painting 'game on'. that will help you. I promise.

  4. Maybe you need some new, novel and exciting activity. Something really wrong... Whatever you do, do not try to sort yourself out with repeated buzzings of vibes. Therein lies a whole load of nerve damage. A friend of mine has never recovered from her Hitachi magic wand...

  5. Mine comes and goes... Usually non-existent until some girl hits on me, or I go to some party/social event, and then I get reminded that yes, I do actually have a penis -- sitting in front of a computer, and gaming, isn't very good for the libido, y'see...

    And then, when I am horny, I manage to get laid... and then it disappears again for a few months.

    But I know I'm in the minority of men that are like this... Low testosterone level I guess. Or just odd.

  6. It will come back...never fear!!!

    My boyfriend has a pretty high sex drive...yet mine is 'every other day or so'...much to his dismay. But he can usually persuade me into giving in by 'talking dirty' lol.

    Maybe try porn...I hear that gets ppl pretty excited...maybe 'daddy' will like it too.


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