Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An awkward coincidence...in 9 minutes or less

So this article was published today about stay-at-home dads who blog, and I must say, men who can write, totally turn me on.

In fact, the idea of Daddy being a stay-at-home dad turns me on even more, which in fact, is totally happening right now since he's got almost the entire week off and stays at home with B-dawg.

But the topic of this post has nothing to do with the above. It is indeed, about something that happened in reality (yes, because there is blog life and then there is real life) like, oh lets say, 10 minutes ago.

9 minutes ago, I went onto my Twitter account to tweet and check out my followers.

8 minutes ago, I discovered a follower (and I won't name names, but it's all there on my account!) who falls into the category of "live-cam-girl-action", to be totally PC and all.

7 minutes ago, I said to myself "darn this girl looks really familiar....I'll click on her Twitter profile"

6 minutes ago, I landed on her Twitter profile, read her updates and still remained utterly curious as to who she was...now she started to look even more familiar...I clicked on the link to her own website.

5 minutes ago, I landed on her actual website...nicely done, splattered with pictures of herself, suggestive pictures, suggestive poses, one pic of her actual vajayjay and a ton of boobie shots. And yes, if you're wondering...she is, imo, chinless. And has a complete disregard for the use of proper grammar.

4 minutes ago, I let out a "holyf&^% I DO know this chic! I worked with her!" and squinted at the photos, just to make sure.

3 minutes ago, Daddy joined me at the computer, breathing like a 200-pound overweight man with a totally perverted smile on his face, taking over the mouse and clicking all over the website, while I looked at him all grossed out, but still curious...

2 minutes ago, I went onto Facebook to cross-reference and verify that this was indeed one of my 'friends' on Facebook...in fact, a coworker from a previous job I held.

1 minute ago, I thought about how small this world is and how one should never post boobie and pooty pictures on your wannabe-amateur-attempt-at-an-amateur-porn site because they'll probably end up being cross-referenced with all the other pics on your actual Facebook.

Oh and, someone's bound to discover your corresponding Facebook page for your wannabe-amateur-attempt-at-an-amateur-porn site, so you may want to get rid of that...unless you're content with having everyone know that all those old-perverted-guest-star-on-ABC's-To-Catch-a-Predator-Dateline-Special are actually your online buddies.


  1. She has quite a nice ass, to be fair... but is that a natural skin colour? Looks a bit... orange...

  2. omg!! hahaha. and who is daddy?? is this your actual dad or some codename you've used for your boyfriend like some people call eachother mommy and daddy if they have a family? cos your actual dad sounds creepier to me than a boyfriend/lover dad. just saying. ack!!

  3. does she realise its you she's added on twitter?

  4. Holy Crap! I don't know what I would have done if someone I knew did that. Maybe messaged them and told them you found their naughty site maybe. Or laughed histarically at them. Possbilly both.

  5. @florets yup Daddy's my bf LOL .. we have a puppy so it's evolved into that

    @miss*H methinks she's a tad too shallow to realize

    @Pam I chose the latter lol

  6. Ooo Yikes! If that was me and I ran into the girl, I'd probably have to bite my tongue to hold back telling her that I saw her little cheap wesbite. lols...

  7. I've never understood the fascination with having your 'stuff' all hanging out online...anyone can come across it...not just ex co-workers...but your boss or your mother even...ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

  8. Hahaha, that's awesome. I could not wait to see her again and then shout "OHMYGOD I SAW YOUR VAGINA!"

    Just ... yeah.


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