Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Too early wakeup calls

A miracle happened last night -- I actually went to bed at 10:00PM and despite waking up at 7:45AM, I woke up feeling like I had only slept for four hours and/or was hungover. And this happens at least once a month --the whole trying-to-get-eight-hours-of-sleep thing and waking up severely sleep depleted.

And I attribute this to two words: Sleep sex.

Yes, Daddy and I have it at least once a month. It usually involves me making some sort of sexual advance while he rejects the advance and then we both go to bed (me, in the usual sexually frustrated state and he, in his loud snoring state), only to wake up three hours later to find myself being spooned and fondled in my sleep. Which, in my case, as much as I hate being interrupted when I'm sleeping, I take what I can get!

"Did we have sex this morning?" Daddy asked, a tone of astonishment in his voice.

"Uh yeah! Why dya think I look like ass this morning!", I replied, dabbing concealer around my eyes, desperate to hide the bags.

"That's amazing! I seriously cannot remember anything...did I initiate again?"

"Yes. Yes you did. You reached over, grabbed my boob and started kissing the other one. I totally wasn't into it and wanted to go back to bed actually. I was half asleep and thought you looked like someone else so I let you continue," I teased. Well, sorta. He really did look like a certain someone I'd fantasized about...

"Uh, who?!"

I smiled. There are some things one should never reveal, just like how Daddy always makes a point of telling me when he masturbates but never tells me where he does it or answers me when I ask him why he didn't wait for me. I LOVE that visual of a hot, muscular guy jacking off. Then again, I'm a bit strange when it comes to that stuff, so I could be alone in this boat.

"Tell me where you jacked off, and maybe I'll let you know who," I taunted. Surely, he won't call my bluff.

"Kitchen table. Right on it, right where you sit. Happy?"

The sight of my hot, muscular man jerking off at my kitchen table in my very own spot kinda turned me on. Yes, if I had a tail, it'd be wagging ferociously.

"No, I don't believe you -- the blinds are all open here and you would never do that on the table. And B-dawg can see you and you never want to have sex in front of him," I pointed out. It's true, he always kicks the poor little guy out of the room when we do it, though sometimes (the rare occasion, really) I find myself feeling a bit creeped when we have sex in the bedroom when B-dawg rests his chin on the mattress and the whole time. Like a child who watches her mother get dolled up for a night on the town. And he's got these really human-like eyes and his expressions are so human, like he's really interested and amazed at what he sees and wants to learn the ropes. Canine sex ed 101 -- lead by example.

"Ok, well since we're not going to tell each other, just know this: I totally didn't mean to initiate any kind of sex in my sleep. I literally just woke up and found myself, well, having sex with you," Daddy continued, half amused, half apologetic.

Fine by me, I reassured him. Like I said, I'll take what I can get.

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