Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fear and loathing - The Quarter-Life Crisis

It's Fuck Me Friday and I'm already 24 hours ahead of the game! I got laid last night, right after I posted about how I was all tired and grossed out from nuclear bombs.

Today, I'm in a contemplative mood after innocently clicking on a discussion group on 20somethings entitled "Quarter-Life Crisis" (QLC). While derisively reading up other peoples' takes on "how do you know you're experiencing a quarter-life crisis" and "where did you think you'd be now?", I slowly realized that many of these people are MY AGE!

And now this whole QLC thing is really stuck in my head. Am I supposed to be experiencing one right now? I mean, a couple of weeks ago I told my bf I wanted to start saving up for a used BMW Z3 (afterall, we're young and we have no big obligations like a kid or anything!) but surely that isn't a sympton of the QLC, or is it?

I also came across a lot of bitching about shitty jobs and I really don't have that kind of problem. Or is it because I've acheived everything that I set out to acheive in my five-year plan?

Well, let's see here...

5 years ago I legally went Vegas with my boyfriend of five years, whom I totally thought i was going to marry in 2008, have babies with by 26 and live in a fabulous mansion by the water and drive an expensive car, courtesy of his fully-loaded-wipe-your-ass-with-a-$100-dollar-bill parents. I entered two beauty pageants (winning third place because i was "too caucasian for an Asian beauty contest", and winning Miss Talented at talent? Cheerleading!), became a promo girl and really had no set goal in life (I wanted "to be on TV").

10 years ago I wanted to become a broadway star. I was obsessed with starring in a musical after Rex Smith in all his old-man gloriousness graced the stage as Joe Gillis in Sunset Boulevard. I saw it five times, bought the soundtrack and sung all of Betty Schaefer's duets. I even named my cockatiel after her. The an ex-boyfriend told me I reminded him of Kobe Tai and deep down inside, sprung a secret desire to become the next Asian Barbie Bombshell.

15 years ago I was in Grade 4, wearing baggy jeans sporting a collection of Club Monaco sweatshirts and flannel shirts in every color imaginable. Fifteen years ago, I was 'cool'. And really ugly, I suppose, as I told my friends I wanted to "be a model" and they all laughed. One girl even made a crack about "hahaha your legs are too short, you could never be a model". I also had really ugly bangs and was oblivious to the wonderful world of hair removal.

20 years ago I found myself sitting in detention after strangling Travis, the douche who stole a gluestick from the supply cabinet and refused to give it back, despite my threats of tattling on him. I also realized that I couldn't keep my hands off this cutie named Dean, and spent the majority of my Grade 1 year chasing him around trying to kiss him whenever I could. He despised me, but it didn't stop me. This was also around the time I told my parents that "when I grow up, I want to be a cashier at London Drugs". Then I went to school and told my girlfriends that I wanted to marry my doctor because he had a moustache and "he reminds me of daddy".

Fast forward to the present.

I work at management level in PR, swore off razors and best-friended hot wax and tweezers and still have this compulsive attack-that-guy-you-have-a-crush-on way of getting my fix. Oh yes, and I've caught myself on numerous occasions referring to the bf as "daddy". I did it twice when i was at Disneyland last month, once when I wanted a churro and the lineup was too long and I wanted to browse the stuffed toys in the gift shop and wanted him to stand in line for me and the other time was when i wanted to get a Mickey Mouse balloon. Ok, maybe I have little girl syndome too.

In any case, I don't really see the need for a QLC at this time. And heck, I hate to admit it but I'm only four more years away from the Dirty 30s. And science and technology will help us live till we're 160! So yeah, I think I'll revisit the whole QLC thing in about 20 years.


  1. Ahh I find myself wondering if I will be going through a QLC anytime soon!

  2. I'm coming out of make-up, the lights already burning... Not long until the camera will start turning!

    Freshly 25 here! 4 days ago even... Wondering if I should start worrying about things, you know... kids and stuff. But no, seemingly no crisis so far. I'm also a very satisfied person, and have done most things I want to do -- and some things will just have to wait a little longer.

    We'll probably live for EVER anyway.

  3. Cheers to that! And happy be-lated! Funny, every time I read your name pops up in my head...

    You're a bad influence! lol

  4. It sounds like you don't need me to shift your mind onto the topic of sex, m'dear...

    But maybe, if you're lucky, you can find something you haven't done on that site... maybe.

  5. first time here--great blog! can't wait to read more!

  6. I couldnt post a comment during your sex hiatus, but now its too late!


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