Saturday, April 18, 2009

De-lin-quen-cy or something like that...

Yeah, I've been tardy with the blog again. But I have a legitimate excuse -- I'm still incredibly self-concious about blogging. All of three people will probably read this post, and that kinda freaky!

Anyway. I've been feeling like total crap this past week and I know why -- a really bad influx of hormones has taken my body, mind and uterus hostage and have refused to leave until they get what they sanity.

Yesterday, BF was playing his usual 20 minute video game of NHL 2009 for the millionth + 1 time and let out a loud "FUCK YEAH!" while my startled self -- all huddled in the corner of my couch, three pillows tucked into my stomach curled in fetal position, quivering angrily to myself like a cracked out addict on East Hastings -- let out a "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" in his direction and quickly turned back into my hole in the corner of the couch.

And that is what set off our hour-long tiff. Which ended up with him apologizing for not cutting me any slack during my time of cavewoman status (did you know way back when, women were sent to caves to have their periods!?). Which was preceded with me giving an apology for "shut the fuck up" being my initial reaction to being horribly startled.  Which also reduced me to tears of anger, rage and cuddliness all within a span of two minutes.

Screw you,  Grade 10 drama teacher. I do have range.

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